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Denver Center Theatre Company audiences have developed a special relationship with playwright Matthew Lopez. He is after all the first DCPA Playwriting Fellow.  He is the author of one of the most widely produced new American plays of the last decade, The Whipping Man, which had an award winning production at The Curious Theatre Company. Lopez also created one of the most successful shows to come from the Colorado New Play Summit, The Legend of Georgia McBride. 

This week a new comedy by the versatile writer debuted at the newly renovated Space Theater, Zoey’s Perfect Wedding!

The DCPA describes the show this way/

The blushing bride. The touching toast. The celebration of true love. These are the dreams of Zoey’s big day…and the opposite of what it’s turning out to be. Disaster after disaster follow her down the aisle, from brutally honest boozy speeches to a totally incompetent wedding planner. Even worse, her friends are too preoccupied with their own relationship woes to help with the wreckage around them. Like a car crash you can’t look away from, watch in awe as this wildly funny fiasco destroys her expectations with the realities of commitment, fidelity and growing up.

Mallory Portnoy, Nija Okoro, Grayson DeJesus. Photo by AdamsVisCom.

Mallory Portnoy, Nija Okoro, Grayson DeJesus. Photo by AdamsVisCom.

The entire evening was clever and fun. The characters are flawed, but lovable. Each actor captured the humor and heart with equal skill.

The fast-paced script is peppered with quotable moments, and Zoey, the bride delivered one that resonates with me still. It was the moment when she realizes that she should adjust her dreams to match her blessings.

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Zoey’s Perfect Wedding!

Jan. 19-Feb. 25

For Tickets Call 303-893-4100 or visit denvercenter.org


A Look Back: My First Interview With Matthew Lopez.

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